Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Placeの意味と使い方

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place






採掘者達は難しい決断を迫られました。アリゾナに残り劣悪な環境で採掘をするか、(彼らの働く場所はRock岩の中)もしくは新たな住まいと仕事を見つけなければならない新しい街に移る(そこがHard Place 困難な場所)。まさに彼らは岩と困難な場所の間でbetween a rock and a hard place! 板挟み!


Stuck between a rock and a hard place の例文

Someone smashed into my car yesterday and I’m not insured. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place – I can’t afford to pay the repairs, but I need my car for work. The car is unroadworthy, so if I drive it I run the risk of getting pulled over and fined by the police.


I don’t know what to do – my mother wants to live with us for a few months after the baby is born. My wife doesn’t get on with my mother. She says she won’t be able to handle the stress of her being around all the time. No matter what decision I make, one of them won’t be happy. I am stuck between a hard rock and a hard place again because of the women in my life.




A: Are you OK? You look upset?
B: I got caught drink driving last night and lost my drivers licence。
A: Oh, man. That’s bad.
B: It gets worse. I have to drive my mother around to all these doctor appointments next week. If she finds out I lost my licence, she will be so angry, but if I get caught driving without a licence I’ll get fined. I could even go to jail.
A: You’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I think you should tell your mother the truth.

A: 大丈夫?機嫌良くない?。
B: 昨夜飲酒運転で捕まって運転免許証取り消しになったんだ。
A: あーあ。それは困ったな。
B: もっと悪い事に、来週母の病院の予約がいくつもあって車で送らないといけないんだ。もし運転免許証を取り消しになった事を母が知ったら、激怒するだろうし、でももし無免許で運転すれば違反金を支払う事になるかもしれない。もしかして刑務所行きになるかも。


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