Egg on (one's) face 顔に卵とはどんな意味のイディオム?

Egg on one’s face は、直訳すると「誰かの顔に卵をつける」という意味ですが、もしあなたがそんなことをされたら、どんな気分になるでしょう。このイディオムの意味を想像できますか?


Egg on one’s face 意味


Have egg on one’s face の形でよく使われます。このイディオムは新聞の見出しなどメディアでよく使われます。


Egg on one’s face例文

Are you sure you’re right about this? You’ll have egg on your face if you’re not.

I sure had egg on my face when I found out I was the only one who failed the test. I’d told everyone it was easy.

Trump was left with egg on his face, when members of his own Republican party rejected his replacement health care plan.


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