Behind the Eight Ball ビリヤードのルールが由来のイディオム

Behind the eight ball は、ビリヤードのルールが由来のイディオムです。8番ボールにはどんな意味があるのでしょうか?ビリヤードの経験がある方は、このイディオムの意味を想像してみて下さい。



Behind the eight ball  意味


似た意味のイディオム:back to the wall; in a bind/fix/jam; between the devil and the deep blue sea; between a rock and a hard place

Behind the eight ball の例文

Mark’s behind the eight ball at the moment. He lost his job last week, and now his parents have told him he has to move out by the end of the month.

My computer crashed this morning and I lost all my data. My client want’s their website finished by tomorrow. I am going to have to stay up all night and make it again. I’m really behind the eight ball.


A: How’s your new job going?
B: Stressful. I don’t think I’ll be there long.
A: What makes you say that?
B: They expect me to make at least three sales a day. I haven’t made any and it’s been two weeks.
A: I see. Sounds like you are behind the eight ball.
B: I sure am. I might have to start looking for a new job.

A: 新しい仕事はどう?
B: すごくストレスなの。長く続く気がしないわ。
A: どうして?
B: 一日に最低でも3つ売ることを要求されてる。2週間たったけど、私まだ1つも売ってないのよ。
A: そうなんだ。窮地に立たされてるようね。
B: そりゃそうだよ。新しい仕事を探し始めようかな。

If you are behind the eight ball with something in life, you should ask for a helping hand.


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